Asset Management

Alternative Water Sources

Use of a standard measured water supply is becoming increasingly expensive. The water market opened this year but moving water retailer will only offer savings of around 2%, whereas the use of an alternative water source, such as a borehole, canals and rivers could offer the opportunity of 'free' water. We offer a bespoke turnkey approach to evaluate these sources of water and we assess the usage required to work out practicalities and savings. Generally any site using over 40m3 per day can see a significant Return On Investment from the use of such sources.

Non-Destructive Testing and Valve Release

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is a way of accurately testing your critical equipment to assess their condition. Water pipes, tanks and vessels can all be ultrasonically tested to accurately determine the assets remaining life span. The NDT results will mean you can plan in preventative maintenance, build your budget requirements and reduce any risk to your business. Businesses face a large risk if control valves don't open and close when needed. If water, fire mains air or process valves fail to operate this can lead to uncontrolled consequences. We offer a comprehensive valve assessment service to ensure your valves operate. We have a patented valve release system should valves be found to have seized. This is much less disruptive and a cost saving alternative to valve replacement.

Sustainable Heating and Cooling

Boreholes, rivers and canals offer a sustainable solution for many heating and cooling needs. This means that traditional methods of cooling and heating can be abandoned and saviings still be achieved through non-consumptive use of these readily available sources. We provide a comprehensive, installed and ready to operate system, enabling you to implement the considerable savings that can be unlocked.


We install and maintain flow and depth monitoring systems which not only give early warning alarms of impending sewer flooding events but also help us measure your waste charges, prepare periodic cleaning or jetting programmes and when needed provide relining options to avoid blockages.

Water Quality

It is a requirement to ensure that stored water systems are safe and free from bacteriological contaminants. By undertaking legionella testing and storage tank treatments we can ensure that you comply with all appropriate legislation and avoid operational shut downs. We also offer pump sizing as pumps that are designed and installed incorrectly can lead to high energy costs and frequent breakdowns. We can test your pump systems and provide solutions for optimum performance.


Where needed we can provide specialist techniques to water-proof and protect your operations such as storage tanks, reservoirs and structures. This includes the provision of non-disruptive structural repairs, enabling works and refurbishment in order to maintain critical business operations.

Customer Testimonials

We contacted Immerse back in April, after we received a huge water bill that was about £4k higher than our normal water bill. After the initial shock we knew we would have to check our pipes for a water leak but we needed someone to help. It was a bit daunting, with so much pipe work at the club, so we arranged for Immerse to visit the ground to carry out some checks. They were quick to respond and we immediately felt that they were interested and supportive. We wouldn’t have really known what to do when we didn’t find the problem straight away but Immerse were thorough. They kept on looking for ways to resolve our problem until we agreed a way forward. This would have been a big project for us to manage with only a small number of volunteers that are associated with the club but Immerse took away the stress and managed all of the conversations that had to happen between our wholesaler and our retailer. It freed up our time and this situation got sorted a lot quicker because they knew who to ask, what to ask and what to do. We developed a great working relationship with the Immerse team and they provided us with a buffer against some of the protocols we came up against. This made such a difference with the impact this had on us. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Immerse or working with Immerse again, in fact we are hoping to in the near future

Heath Hayes Football Club